St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School

St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School St Polycarp’s Catholic Primary School


Class charities 2018 - 2019

Year group

Charity Event - click on each link for more details Website link

Catholic Children’s Society Crisis Fund




Love heart – coin collection

Nativity Play Donations

June Concert


Vegetable Sale

Year 1

Farnham Foodbank


Year 2 Core Arts Christmas biscuit sale
Year 3 The Red Cross Easter play donations
Year 4 Help4Harry Jamaica Day (Summer Term)
Year 5 The Little Princess Trust

Christmas Card Sale



Year 6 Phyllis Tuckwell Reindeer Run











Mission Together

Money Collection

Samara’s Aid

Bedding Collection

Sal’s Shoes Shoe collection
Cafod Soup Lunch at the Parish of St Joan’s
Just Different Guest Speakers
The Salvation Army Shoebox Appeal
Walser’s Tanzanian Charity One World Prayer and Mufti Day

Sending two past pupils to Malawi to do work with Adventure Lifesigns Malawian Mufti Day
Royal British Legion Poppy Sales
Musical Charities Classes sang carols for residents at various venues Carol singing
Child-Initiated Charities

Hair Cuts for the Little Princess Trust

Hair cuts