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Subject co-ordinator: Mrs McGrory



In our school, we are designers and love to explore new technology! Through our DT curriculum, we aim to ensure all children are inspired by this rigorous, practical subject. We celebrate creativity and ingenuity and structure learning opportunities so children can design and produce products that solve real and relevant problems within increasingly challenging contexts, with a focus on purpose and target market. Our DT is heavily linked with the rest of our curriculum to provide a focus for learning and develop our children’s substantive and disciplinary knowledge.

Our curriculum model 


Our DT curriculum is structured to use a mastery approach to learning. Through carefully constructed sequences and links across the whole curriculum, children build on prior learning progressively and learn through immersion and application. Children learn through the whole process, from design brief and research through designing and evaluating to production and marketing. This is an approach used across all strands of technology. This way, children can explicitly link ideas and retain information with greater ability to recall and interpret.


Using Blooms driver vocabulary, learning enables all children to dig deeper with their learning. Children will go from remembering facts, to applying this knowledge to questions before building this into more challenging learning opportunities where they have to reason, justify, evaluate and create. This structured approach means all of our young designers are included and can access the learning!

DT learning journey 

 DT Learning Journey KS1 and EYFS

DT Learning Journey KS2

Vocabulary Map 

DT in action