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Subject co-ordinators: Mrs Edgell, Miss Lee and Miss Maloney


We aim to inspire children to become enthusiastic readers, passionate writers and confident speakers; promoting high standards of language and literacy through an engaging and innovative English curriculum. Our intent is for the pupils of St. Polycarp’s to become confident communicators and active citizens making a positive contribution to society.

Through our wider curriculum we offer a diverse range of language and literacy opportunities. We aim to equip our pupils with a strong command of the spoken and written language whilst developing their love of literature through rich and varied texts.


Our reading journey begins in the Early Years Foundation Stage with daily systematic synthetic phonics teaching in order to develop early literacy skills. This continues throughout Key Stage 1 and beyond for those who need additional support. Phonological awareness is supported with corresponding phonic books targeted to suit each child’s individual needs. Alongside this, children reading skills progress into Key Stage 2 where, through developing and strengthening their vocabulary, literal and inferential thinking skills, pupils become confident and independent readers. Our aim at St. Polycarp’s is to ensure that all pupils are able to read fluently and with confidence by the end of Year 6.


We teach writing at St. Polycarp’s through studies of high-quality texts linked with our curriculum. Experiences and rich heritage opportunities influence and inspire the pupils’ imaginations for their writing.

We aim for all pupils to become confident with transcription (spelling and handwriting) and composition, and to be able to write for a range of purposes and audiences.

Skills are continually developed and progress from Reception through to Year 6. Phonic knowledge is applied in Early Years and developed further through the use of a high-quality spelling scheme of work; Spelling Shed. Spelling is directly taught and embedded into all lessons.

High standards of pupils’ handwriting begin in Early Years with developing mark making and fine motor skills. This provides the solid foundation to progress onto pre-cursive in Year 2 and then fluent cursive handwriting in Year 3 and beyond. These key skills ensure pupils have fluent, legible and accurate handwriting.

All pupils are able to write for a range of purposes and audiences. Effective and coherent composition is formed through a process of talk and

communication promoting a wide range of rich vocabulary and grammar. Children are able to discuss, plan, edit and evaluate their own writing and other texts. Equipping pupils with these key skills allows them the control and conscious choice of their writing content and literary decisions.

This secure understanding and command of Standard English provides all pupils at St. Polycarp’s with the confidence to become aspirational writers.

Introduction to Read Write Inc.


Reading Progression of skills document 

Writing Progression of skills document 

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