St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School

St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School St Polycarp’s Catholic Primary School


Subject Co-ordinator: Mrs Hinchliff

Music is a universal language and at St Polycarp’s school all children have the opportunity to become fluent in this subject. Encouragement is given to enable everyone to develop singing, performing and composing skills. The opportunities to perform to peers and a wider audience through assemblies, Masses and in shows help to develop children’s confidence and self-esteem.

In our school all pupils receive weekly music lessons from the specialist music teacher Mrs Hinchliff. In addition to this all year groups have singing assembly once a week to prepare hymns for school Masses and learn new repertoire. Music lessons for KS1 involve plenty of singing-often with actions and dancing. We concentrate on the development and recognition of pitch (high and low) and tempo (speed of the beat).  Lessons are linked to other areas of the curriculum as often as possible.