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Religious Education


Subject Co-ordinator: Mrs Walker

RE Statement of Intent 
Primarily the purpose of Religious Education, in St Polycarp’s Catholic School, is to make Christ known and to assist parents in their role as primary educators of their children. Through Religious Education we aim to make the person of Jesus Christ known and loved, and to place Him and the teachings of the Church at the centre of school life. Children are encouraged to contribute to the Catholic life of the school and to have a good understanding of the school mission. The RECD is currently being updated and a new RE curriculum will be phased in over 2022-25. This begins with a change to the EYFS curriculum this year, 2022. The new EYFS curriculum for Autumn can be seen below.


‘For all children Religious Education is a proper subject in its own right in the school’s curriculum. It is a rigorous academic discipline, and as such it is to be taught, developed and resourced with the same commitment as any other subject. For those already engaged in the journey of faith, Religious Education will be catechesis, and for some children Religious Education will be evangelisation, the first opportunity to hear the good news of the Gospel.’ 

(Religious Education Curriculum Directory-RECD) 

Religious Education is ‘not one subject among many but the foundation of the entire educational process’ - Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales Religious Education in Catholic Schools, 2000, n.4. ‘It is about forming the human person and equipping him or her to live life to the full.’ 

We aim to help children to develop their religious literacy, knowledge, understanding and skills as well as their spiritual and moral competence. We aim to challenge them to engage with the deeper questions of human existence, of God, of life and of death. Children learn about the seven Sacraments which celebrate special events in the life of Catholics: Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick, Marriage and Holy Orders. Children are given opportunities to plan and lead Collective Worship and to respond in Masses, Collective Worship and prayer with a deepening understanding. We aim to teach children to respect people of other religions through learning about Judaism and Islam. The Church teaches that we are called to listen in dialogue, be ready to learn from those of other faiths and to reflect positively on them. We teach them the value of living in relationship to those around them, in school, in their parishes, in their local communities and in the wider world.

We use the Come and See Programme, with a wide range of other resources to achieve these aims. Teachers plan a variety of experiences so that children are able to achieve, enjoy their learning in lessons and take it with them into their lives.