St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School

St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School

Curriculum Intent Statement

At St Polycarp’s we want all children to develop a love of learning, independence and the ability to collaborate and support others.  We want our children to be excited about their learning while at St Polycarp’s and for their future lives.  We provide opportunities for them to develop inner confidence and resilience to face new challenges and overcome difficulties.

St Polycarp’s children are taught to love one another and celebrate our unique talents and qualities.
Our children are:

Ready to learn
Resilient learners

Physically and mentally healthy
Reflective learners
Able to talk about their learning
Respectful of themselves and others

Respectful of the environment
Active learners

Focus for Learning:

  • Planning is built upon the development of key skills and knowledge. Our curriculum is aimed at providing opportunities for deep learning in all areas
  • Reading is prioritised as it enables access to the curriculum
  • The spiritual development of the child is central to our Catholic ethos
  • We deliver a rich curriculum where the arts, humanities, physical activity and outdoor learning  are valued
  • Cross-curricular links are developed to make learning meaningful and relevant to the real world 
  • Planning follows a planned sequence and also allows teachers to be responsive to the needs of the cohort
  • Links with local community are actively sought
  • Active learning is promoted throughout the school
  • A mastery approach is adopted to ensure opportunities for learning are not capped