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Agency Led Clubs - Autumn 2022

Staff Led Clubs - Autumn Term 2022

Another of St Polycarp’s strengths is the variety and volume of extra curricular activity available to the children. Under the direction of Karen Trafford, our Extra Curricular Clubs programme boasts over 40 different activities for all ages. We are recognized as a best practice benchmark by other schools in the area.

The clubs and activities run through lunchtimes, and after school, and are delivered by volunteer teachers and parents, and also other professional clubs and organizations.

Membership of the clubs is rotated each term so that the children get the chance to choose a variety of activities during the year.

Enrichment Activities

Opportunities are sought throughout the year to enrich the children's education and develop the whole child:

More able workshops  

More able competitions

IT enrichment days at a variety of venues

Different bodies come into school and run specific enrichment workshops

Confederation enrichment days in Music, Art, IT, Maths, English, Outdoor Learning, Science and Cooking

Theatre groups come into school and run workshops with children

Premier League Primary Stars come in and run workshops

Authors visit

Farms bring in animals

Enrichment events are reported on in the monthly Polygraph News.