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Childhood Anxiety

Conscious of the wide variety of circumstances we are all finding ourselves in right now… and the overwhelming amount of information, I’ve tried to find a concise but relative information pack on Childhood Anxiety for you. The following is by Rachel Sprague. Enrichment Editor on Tutorful.UK, I think she has managed to summarise a huge amount of worthwhile advice into just a few pages. Not to take away the importance of in depth research, she has cut through the mountains of information out there on childhood anxiety and included some really useful resources.

Simply, she has broken the information into six segments; Symptoms, Talking, Recommendations, Opening up, Nurturing and ‘Go-to’ resources. Each section title comes together to form an acronym; the word ‘STRONG’. She points out “anxiety is not a weakness and worries make you no less of a strong human being!” Sometimes we just need a guide and the wisdom of expertise to help us along the way.

Childhood Anxiety Pack by Rachel Sprague

With sincere wishes you are as well as can be expected right now… and hopefully if you did need some advice on managing anxiety but time isn’t plentiful, this will help you.

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