St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School

St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School St Polycarp’s Catholic Primary School

Staff and Responsibilities

The Staff from September 2018

We have an incredible breadth of talent and experience within the staff. Classroom support staff, administrative staff and teachers provide a wonderful experience for all our children.

Leadership Team

Mrs Best Head of School
Mrs Gunn Executive Headteacher
Mrs Trafford Deputy Headteacher
SLT Head of EYFS and Key Stage 1
Miss Murdoch  Head of Key Stage 2 

Teaching School

Mrs Gunn Teaching School Lead
Mrs Carr ITT Director
Mrs Osbaldeston Teaching School Administrator




Mrs Blagden
Mrs Parker

Miss Pressner

Mrs Guy - HLTA
Mrs Warner 

Year 1



Mrs Dwyer

Mrs Elliott (Maternity leave)

Mrs Firth

Mrs Worley

Mrs Cochrane 

Mrs Donnelly 

Miss Taylor

Year 2



Miss de Jouvencel

Mrs Woolley

Mrs Bentley  

Mrs Douglas 

Miss Richards

Year 3



Mrs Edgell
Mrs Holcroft

Mrs Thomas

Mrs Bell 

Mrs Massey 

Year 4



Mr Finch

Mrs Horrocks

Mrs Killington  

Mrs McLoughlin 

Mrs Shine

Year 5



Miss Kennington

Mrs Tommons

Mrs Boot 

Mrs Crowley

Mrs Mezzullo

Mrs Willis

Year 6



Miss Berenson
Miss Murdoch

Mrs Considine 
Mrs Letts 
Mr Mackie 

Mrs Rodriguez - HLTA

Support Staff

Mrs Trafford Maths Y5&6
Mrs Hill Maths Y3&4
Mrs Hinchliff Music
Mrs Ochoa-Fagan Spanish
Mrs Smallwood Inclusion Manager
Mrs Logan ELSA
Mrs Pointon Home School Link Worker 
Mrs Davies Resources Assistant
Mrs Ellis Network Manager
Mr Cowdry Premises Manager

 Administration Staff

Mrs Coleman School Business Manager
Mrs Regan Admissions
Mrs McKendrick Finance Assistant

Mrs Zanchetta (Mon, Tues, Wed)

Mrs Osbaldeston (Thurs, Fri)

Administrative Officers

Lunchtime Supervisors                 Also TA's

Mrs Egan - Senior LS                      Mrs Bell
Mrs Hayman Mrs Cochrane
Mrs Miller Mrs Douglas
Miss O'Hagan Mrs Guy
Mrs Smith Mrs Killington 
Mrs Conroy Mr Mackie
Mrs Massey
Mrs McLoughlin       
Miss Richards
Mrs Shine
Miss Taylor
Mrs Warner