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One World

One World Committee

Each class elects one child to represent them as part of the 'One World' team. This committee look at helping those less fortunate in the world. The projects vary depending on need. The committee members have the task of keeping the rest of the school informed and report to their classes after meetings. A display board is kept informing the rest of the school about the work organised by the committee.

Mrs Walker is the teacher responsible for this committee.


The Committee prayer is:

Dear Lord,
We thank-you for the loving family of St Polycarp’s.
We know how lucky we are.
Thank- you for the people of the world,
People who are so different, yet dependent on each other.
Help us to help others that are not as fortunate as us.
Guide our One World Committee that we
May follow in the footsteps of Jesus.


CAFOD Lunch 

The children raise money and hold events for CAFOD. They annually help out at the St. Joan’s Parish CAFOD soup lunch. They have adapted the CAFOD prayer for East Africa for the young children of St. Polycarp’s.

Ihemi Link School

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Additional Projects

The children have said prayers and held events to raise funds to:

  • help St. Joan’s Youth Group, former pupils, go to World Youth Days in both Brazil and Poland. The former students then come in and talk to our children about their experience, bringing artefacts and showing photos to show.
  • help the street children in Brazil where former pupils spent a week helping a charity in Brazil
  • help past students at All Hallows School go to Lourdes on Pilgrimages.
  • provide SolarPower at The Good Shepherd’s Convent in Mankulam, Sri Lanka
  • help UNICEF
  • help people effected by the Nepalese Earthquake
  • help families effected by famine in East Africa
  • The children also organise collections of items such as:
  • shoes for Karibu Nyumbani orphanage for former pupils to take out who spent a month volunteering at the orphanage
  • books for Nyaagi Primary School , Nairobi, Kenya for another former pupil to take out when again volunteering
  • spectacles for the people of Ifunda, Tanzania
  • solar lamps for the families of the children at the Ihemi school