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PTA - Welcome

St Polycarp’s School are fortunate to have a very active, sociable and welcoming PTA and all parents/carers are invited to get involved in some way, to share skills / ideas or volunteer to help on events where possible. Whatever time or support you can give, be it an hour a week or an hour a year, it is all a great help!

By getting involved with the PTA you are helping to contribute towards our children’s broader education and foster a happy and supportive community spirit.

The principal aim of the PTA is of course “fun”draising and we have regular and one-off, events throughout the school year. These give children, parents and teachers alike, the chance to have some fun, make new connections and get to know one another better. These events include:

  • Quiz Night (parents & caregivers)
  • Christmas & Summer Fairs (whole family event)
  • Children’s Disco (Spring & Summer term)
  • Film Night (every term)
  • Pancake Sale (Shrove Tuesday)
  • Regular cake sales
  • Poly’s Lollies (Summer term)
  • Groundforce gardening days (spring & autumn - whole family event)

The PTA works closely with the Headteacher and all the staff to ensure that all monies raised are used in the most effective way but each year the PTA aims to use the funds raised to provide support in the following key areas:

  • Improving the everyday experience of school life for children and their families including up-grading the schools’ facilities, new toilets, new outdoor climbing equipment or garden landscaping.
  • Supporting the children with their spiritual learning including new bibles, new outdoor spiritual area or trips to Wintershall.
  • Supporting the children with their overall education including funding new books, new technology or other innovative educational activities.

Detailed financial information is available on request.