St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School

St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School


Active School


Active School Ethos

At St Polycarp's we have an active school ethos. Teachers are encouraged to plan active lessons alongside active brain breaks within each school day. The children are encouraged to stand to answer questions and move around the classroom during lessons. The outside environment is also used to engage the children in active learning.


Active Thursdays

Thursday afternoons have been set aside to provide additional physical activity provision across the school. This involves a selection of  Physi-Fun (Physical Fundamentals) multi-sport competitions based on the Schools' games values, sporting taster sessions to introduce children to new sports and physical activities, training for competitive sports competitions. In addition Physi-Fun leaders with the P.E. leads run weekly sessions targeting the least active children in different multi-skills activities.

Active Playtime

At St Polycarp's we have a culture of active playtimes. The classes are timetabled to use the trim trails, the football goals, the netball and basketball nets and the multi-use sports area every playtime. There are dedicated playground leaders that lead children in fun physical games every playtime. On each playground there is an active play shed with pupil monitors distributing active play equipment. At lunchtime our sports leaders run active games in a dedicated Active Zone area. On Friday lunchtimes both the KS2 and KS1 children have a very active playground disco led by one of our P.E. team.


Active Travel

St Polycarp’s Active Travel Challenge

As a school we have made a pledge as part of the Surrey PALSS scheme to take on active travel challenges. We would like as many children as possible to use active ways of travelling to school.

We have a dedicated parking area for scooters and bicycles.

We annually participate in the Golden Boot walking to school challenge and Active Surrey Walk on Wednesday challenges.

In the summer term we will run an inter-house competition to find out which house travels to school most actively each Wednesday across the school. At the end of the term the house who have achieved the highest active travel count will be given an extra playtime which Mrs Trafford will oversee.

Sports Reps from each class will collect the results on a Wednesday and take them to Mrs Trafford. They will then put the correct amount of coloured counters into Active House special pots.
Look at the table below to see what modes of transport would gain your child an active travel counter.

Travelling modes that children will be awarded a counter for: 

walking to School

using a Scooter to come to School

parking in town and walking up with parent/carer to school

being dropped off at a friend’s house who lives in walking distance to the school and walking with either their  parent/carer or their friend’s parent/carer to school.