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Healthy & Active Lifestyles

We promote healthy and active lifestyles at St Polycarp’s.

At St Polycarp's an integral part of our school ethos is to teach our children to live healthy, active  lives. Our aim is that all our children are both physically and mentally fit and are taught the principles of developing  healthy lifestyles for life. 

Break times

KS1 are provided with fruit every morning break.

KS2 children are asked to bring fruit to eat at break time with the exception of Friday’s. This is to instill in them that the majority of the time we should be eating healthy foods. Treats should be just that and eaten only occasionally.

The children have access to a water fountain at break times.

The children are encouraged to be active at break times with playground equipment for active games available to all. On the KS2 playground there is a trim trail that they are timetabled for to allow all children access. They also have football, netball/basketball timetabled at break times to ensure all KS2 year groups have access to playing sport during the week at break times. Each break time ‘Playground Leaders’ from Y6 go onto the KS1 and KS2 playgrounds to lead active play activities with the younger pupils.


Children either have a well-balanced hot school dinner or a packed lunch provided by their parents. Parents are encouraged to send a healthy packed lunch and children are educated about what constitutes a healthy packed lunch.


All children come to school with a water bottle which they are encouraged to drink from during the school day.

Hot weather

Children are encouraged to wear school hats during the summer months when outside. Parents are encouraged to apply sun tan lotion before school on hot days.


Swimming lessons are offered in KS2 with the aim of children being able to swim 25 metres before they leave in Year 6.

Emotional Welfare

The children’s emotional welfare is very important to us and we have strong links with outside agencies to ensure any child with emotional needs receives the appropriate support.

We employ a Home School Link worker, Mrs Pointon, who regularly meets with children in need.

We also employ an ELSA, Mrs Logan, who supports children with their emotional literacy and social needs.

We have developed a strong partnership with the Ridgeway Special School. They offer us support and training and we enable some of their children to join us when appropriate.

We ensure in P.S.H.E. children are given the opportunity to voice any concerns and issues they have. Each class has to timetable regular circle time.

The behaviour of all children is monitored closely and any worrying or poor behaviour is written up immediately in the class behaviour file. Behaviour is monitored regularly by Key Stage Leaders and behaviour files are analysed by the deputy head each half term.  Staff have a set procedure and form to report any serious concerns to the Designated Safeguarding Leader, Mrs Best, or her deputy DSL Mrs Trafford.

Theme weeks take place across the year to promote emotional well-being such as an ‘anti bullying week, a ‘Just Different’ week and a ‘Little Way’ week.


Healthy living is taught as part of our P.E., Science and P.S.H.E. curriculum.


In assemblies we regularly promote healthy lifestyles.


Mrs Trafford the deputy head, is the Active School, P.E. and Sports Lead, responsible for developing physically active and healthy  lifestyles at St Polycarp's.

Mrs Trafford also leads the pastoral care team who are responsible for the mental health of our children.

Additionally, we now have a deputy P.E. and Sports Co-ordinator, Mr Peebles, who is responsible for KS1 extra curricular physical activity and sport.

Mrs Killington is our Active School LSA and runs the Thursday afternoon PhysiFun intervention for children across the school. Additionally, she supports Mrs Trafford in ensuring children can be taken to physically active and leadership events at district, county, regional and National venues across the academic year.

Mrs Holcroft and Miss Kennington our Science Leads ensure healthy lifestyles are a curriculum focus throughout a child's journey through St Polycarp's.

Active Clubs and Sporting Opportunities

In addition to the curriculum the children have a broad range of active extra-curricular clubs to choose from. Many opportunities are given to participate in both non- competitive and competitive sport. Intra and inter sports competitions and festivals are attended regularly. (More information can be found in P.E. and Clubs sections of the website)


We have well developed partnerships with other schools to promote healthy lifestyles. We belong to both KS1 and KS2 district sports associations. The deputy is part of the Confederation Heads P.E. working party, the SW Surrey Rep for Strategic Planning for Active Surrey and the Surrey rep for Chelsea Foundation Education Planning Group.The deputy attends Xavier Trust network meetings for P.E. and Sports provision. Additionally, we have a strong sports partnership with Nuffield health who come in and work with our Y6 children on sustaining a healthy lifestyle,All Hallows our feeder secondary school ,Weydon , Heath End and  Ash Manor secondary schools.

We have strong links with Waverley, the local leisure centre and community sports clubs, using many sporting facilities and creating pathways for the children to continue physical activity outside school and on into adult life.