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Maths at St Polycarp's

Subject co-ordinators: Mrs Thomas and Miss de Jouvencel

At St Polycarp’s we understand that Maths is an important tool for everyday life and with this in mind, we endeavour to ensure that children develop a healthy and enthusiastic attitude towards mathematics, that will stay with them throughout their lives. We aim to develop a love of learning, resilience and persistence.

We know that deep mathematical understanding develops through the use of concrete (practical) apparatus, following this with pictorial representations of methods and then using abstract ways of recording calculations. We spend time developing our children’s ‘fluency’ in their calculations, deepening their understanding through daily opportunities for ‘reasoning’ and ‘problem-solving’. At each stage in our classroom lessons, all children are exposed to challenge, deepening their understanding further.


Learning Journey

Maths learning journey - White Rose 

How the Ready Progress Criteria links to our learning journey. 

As a school, we use a web-based learning platform called Mathletics for maths homework. Teachers are able to select tasks, which support maths topics being taught in class, and the questions automatically adjust to the needs of the learner, becoming easier if the child is making errors and more challenging if the questions are answered correctly.

We also subscribe to Times Tables Rock Stars, a very popular and highly-acclaimed learning platform, where our children have fun practising and mastering their times tables.

EYFS Maths methods videos

EYFS Working with numbers

Y1 & Y2 Maths methods videos

Y1 & Y2 Addition
Y1 & Y2 Subtraction

Y3 & Y4 Maths methods videos

Y3 & Y4 Addition
Y3 & Y4 Subtraction

Y5 & Y6 Maths methods videos

Y5 & Y6 Addition
Y5 & Y6 Subtraction
Y5 & Y6 Multiplication
Y5 & Y6 Division

Maths-in-action at St Polycarp’s

Maths Calculation Policy