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PE Curriculum

P.E. Curriculum Intent
At St. Polycarp’s our intent is to ensure that all of our children are physically and mentally fit in order to promote healthy lifestyles and resilience for life. We aim to create an active school culture. Being physically active is encouraged throughout each school day.

St. Polycarp’s Primary believe that Physical Education, experienced in a safe and supportive environment, is essential to ensure children attain optimum physical and emotional development and good health. 

We intend to deliver high-quality teaching and learning opportunities that inspire all children to succeed in physical education and in developing life skills.

Our P.E. Curriculum should enable pupils to become physically literate so that pupils have the key skills (agility, balance, co-ordination) to have the confidence to participate in a range of physical activities for the rest of their lives.

The ability to perform fundamental and sports related motor skills, is an important prerequisite for adopting a physically active lifestyle.  Our goal is to teach the children to value physical activity for all the enjoyment, enthusiasm and satisfaction that comes from successful and enjoyable participation in sports and physical activity. PE at St Polycarp’s allows pupils to understand what physical activity looks and feels like and how, with practice, they can improve their skills sets to reach high quality outcomes.

We have a sequential learning journey that enables children to build upon prior knowledge and skills as they progress through St. Polycarp’s.

To ensure all groups of children can access the learning and progress; lessons are modified where required so children with SEND needs can access the curriculum. Where required teaching assistants will help support those with SEND needs. Additional Physical Fundamental sessions (PhysiFun) are taught on a rota to children with identified needs by our P.E. HLTA. Where appropriate additional challenge is provided within lessons for the more physically able.

We intend to develop the children’s leadership skills through P.E. and have invested in training groups of children throughout the school in Active Surrey leadership programmes. These skills they then use to benefit other children in school by helping lead additional active activities.

In order to keep our children safe our aim is that all children should leave the school being able to swim and be equipped with water safety skills.

We also want to teach children how to cooperate and collaborate with others as part of an effective team, understanding fairness and equity of play to embed life-long values.




Implementation of PE Curriculum

Daily run

All children will have a 15 minute daily running session.                           

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

At St Polycarp's we believe in using the outdoors as much as possible to enhance all our curriculum areas where possible. Our staff have all been trained in outdoor learning and plan many lessons using the outside environment to enhance learning.  
In addition:

YR and Y1 have outdoor activities planned into their curriculum every day.

Y1 have a trip to Gostrey Meadows where they use the large outside play equipment

Y2 have an annual trip to Alice Holt for a day of outdoor learning

KS1 send children for Forest School days organised by the local confederation.

Y5 have a day at Thames Young Mariners where they take part in water sports and adventurous challenges.

Y6 spend a week at PGL Adventure at Little Canada on the Isle of Wight.

Surrey Outdoor Education come in to school to provide outdoor learning sessions in the summer term to groups of children.

KS1 and KS2 are timetabled to use our specific outdoor active areas which include 2 trim trails, 2 outside table tennis tables, a MUGA area, a basketball area, running track, the field and an Active Challenge Area at break times. 


Swimming during COVID 19 - 2021-22

Due to the ongoing pandemic we will not be running our usual swimming programme which is laid out below this section. Instead we hope to take our Y4 children swimming to assess who is water confident, can swim 25 metres on their front and back and tread water. Those who can't will have a programme of lessons at Farnham Leisure Centre. Y5s and Y6s who hadn't previously passed their National Curriculum Swimming will then be targeted. It is then hoped Y6 will have water survival lessons in the summer term. Note although there won't be a Monday morning swimming squad for the KS2 elites there will be trials for the District Swimming Gala.

Swimming in a 'normal' non-COVID year

In the summer term of Y3 all children have a swimming assessment session where they are assessed against the National Curriculum. Any children unable to swim 25 metres on both their back and front  or lack water confidence will receive swimming lessons in Y4. These lessons take place on a Thursday afternoon. They will be assessed again and if necessary continue swimming until Y6.

Talented swimmers from Y3 to Y6 are trialled and given the opportunity to train with our elite swim squad. This training takes place  before school on a Monday led by two qualified  swimming coaches supported by teaching staff and an assistant swimming coach. At present the squad consists of 30 children. After the February Swimming Gala the Y6s will be replaced by talented Y3s. Some of the squad will compete in the District School's Annual Swimming Gala.

Additional Curriculum Events Within Curriculum Time

Additional days are arranged for the children throughout the year ( COVID allowing) for example themed dance workshops led by professional dancers  from the Don Rae Academy for the Movement of Arts, cheerleading workshops, Wellbeing warriors Active Surrey programme. These themes often coincide with world and National events . Whole school sports festivals linked to events such as the Olympics, the Euros and the World Cup are planned for and linked to curriculum work.



Visits from inspiring Olympian and Paralympians

We like to inspire our children by bringing in sporting stars to talk to the children about their experiences, journeys to success, how they overcome obstacles and the resilience they needed.

Beth Tweddle, the British Gymnast has visited with her medals and performed some gymnastics for the children.

Pete Waterfield, the GB diver and former synchro diving partner of Tom Daley not only talked to the children but had them joining him in warm up exercises. 

Duncan Goodhew, former swimming Olympian, inspired the children with his story of overcoming dyslexia as well as sharing how he became an Olympic star and joining the children in the Daily Run.

Paralympian Rachel Morris came to talk to the children about her journey to sporting success and the need for resilience.

Kylie Grimes, Paralympian Rugby Gold Medallist, talked to the children about how she  achieved her dream of being a successful sports woman. She also talked about the   sustainability concept of the Tokyo Games as ''Be better, together - For the planet and the people'. The children got to handle her Gold Medal and were fascinated to find it was made of melted down mobile phones. They were even more amazed to hear about the cardboard beds that the Olympic athletes slept on.

Theme Days 

The school has theme days linked to major sporting tournaments such as the Olympics, World Cup or European Championships. Part of these days involve each class in an inter phase sports tournament.

Mini Olympics

KS2 will have an inter house mini Olympics morning. Every child will compete. There will be twelve teams ( four for each house) made up of children across the key stages. Year 6 will act as sports leaders for this event.

EYFS and KS1 Sports Days

Both EYFS and KS1 sports days involving a mixture of fun sporting activities and competitive races.  

KS2 Sports Days

The children have a mini -Olympics for field events and a competitive track sports day.  In recent years we have changed the KS2 sports day to a lower KS2 sports day and an upper KS2 sports day to enable the children to participate in more races.

'COVID' sports Days 

In non -COVID times parents and governors will be invited to watch. Note during the pandemic the sports days will still take place for the children but we may not be able to invite parents.  If needed sports days may be as a Year Group, but in normal times Sports Days would be an event shared with more year groups.

Inter - House Tournaments  

Each term there will be an inter house tournament for different sporting events.

Competitive Sport

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Active School

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