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Emotional Well-Being  

Recognising the proven importance of mental health to learning, we started the ELSA program here at St Polycarp’s in 2017. 

Emotional Literacy Support Assistance is about giving our children the language and tools they need to express and manage their feelings in a healthy way.

ELSA is not counselling but offers a stepping stone forward for a child struggling with anger, anxiety, bereavment/loss, self-esteem, friendships or a difficult event.  Meeting our ELSA (Mrs Blagden or Mrs Logan), children can access a trusted, impartial adult in a confidential way and a safe place (The Nest).   Generally 1:1 but sometimes in small groups, the ELSA Sessions usually last 20-40 minutes over 6-8 weeks.   Mrs Blagden and Mrs Logan have been trained through the ELSA Network by Educational Psychologists.  Ongoing supervision by an Educational Psychologist is provided termly to support them.

Seeing the success of the ELSA program, over time we have developed a dedicated safe space – The Nest.  With the kindness of donations we continue to build a relative resources bank.  Each session is planned and tailored around the learning preference and aptitude of the child.

Your child’s Class Teacher is responsible for ensuring your child’s needs are met and for keeping you up to date in terms of progress.  There may be times when either their teacher or you, their parent/guardian, may see benefit in referring them for ELSA. 

Working together we can help our children find healthy coping strategies for difficult emotional challenges and help them be the best they can be!

Read our ELSA leaflet

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