St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School

St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School


Emergency Closure Days

Emergency Partial Closure of School due to heavy snowfall, high winds etc – advice for parents

In the event of an Emergency Closure Day (emergency partial closure of the school due to a significant high winds, or other unsafe weather or circumstances), parents will be advised via the school website and via text message.  The decision to close will be made, and communication will go out to parents and staff, as soon as possible after 7am on the day.

Only children whose parents have asked for them to go on the Emergency Closure Day list* may attend school in these circumstances, as only limited teaching staff will be able to travel safely to school and therefore only limited numbers of children can be supervised.

Children attending school on an Emergency Closure Day will need to bring a snack, drink and packed lunch, even if they usually have a school lunch.  No school catering will be available on an Emergency Closure Day.

Children attending on a Emergency Closure Day do not need to wear school uniform – it is more important that children attending school are appropriately dressed for the weather, with warm clothing, coats and boots so they can play outside if safe to do so. They should also bring a change of clothes.

Wrap around care (the Hive) will not be available before or after school on an Emergency Snow Day.  Other agency clubs and staff-led clubs will also be cancelled on Emergency Closure Days.

Key Home Learning will be provided on a snow day via Microsoft Teams

 * Please note that this list has not yet been compiled