St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School

St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School


Calendar & Term Dates

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Individual dates
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Term Dates 2023-24

Term Dates 2024-25

INSET Days 2023 - 2024

  • Monday 4th & Tuesday 5th September 2023
  • Friday 6th October 2023
  • Friday 15th March 2024
  • Monday 3rd June 2024

The School will be closed:
-  Monday 4th December 2023
 - Monday 6th May 2024 (Bank holiday)

Daily Schedule

8.30 - 8.45am Children arrive at school and go straight to class
8.50am School begins
10.00 - 10.15 Morning break
12.00 -1.00pm Lunch time for EYFS and KS1
12.15 - 1.15pm Lunchtime for KS2
3.15pm EYFS finish school
3.15pm Year 1 & 2 classes finish school
3.20pm KS2 classes finish school

Before & After School 

Children can come into school and go straight to their classroom between 08.30am (when the gates open) and 08.45am. The school day will begin with registration at 8.50am.  

The gates open for parents of KS1 children (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) just before 3pm. Parents are asked to wait in the playgrounds. The children will be brought out by their teacher to the playgrounds to meet you. In the interests of safety please do not walk through the car park with children.

KS2 children finish school at 3.20pm and should be collected from the playground exit point for their year.  Older children can only leave the school grounds to meet their parent off site if the parent has completed the form giving permission for this arrangement and/or the class teacher has been informed.

Should a parent realise that they are going to be late collecting their child, they should telephone the school office on 01252 716307 immediately. Parents are asked to join forces with a friend so that in the event of their non-arrival, their children have somebody to whom they can immediately turn.