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We are updating this section throughout the year, so keep watching this space and follow the PTA social media pages or contact us via email.


Summer Fair 2024


We are very excited to announce that the Summer Fair 2024 will take place on Saturday 6 July.

More information to follow soon, so keep watching this space and follow the PTA social media pages or contact via email.

PTA Get Involved

The PTA relies completely on parent volunteers! Without your help, big or small, the events and subsequent money raised just wouldn’t happen.

The PTA really welcome ANY contribution you can make, be it actually joining the committee, offering to run an individual event or, just as valuable, designing a poster, sourcing raffle prizes, setting up tables for the cake sales, volunteering to serve hot dogs at the school disco or introducing us to potential sponsors or other fundraising initiatives.

There are various other ways in which you can get in touch with the PTA or follow our notices and activities, including:

Parent Reps

Each class or year group will have designated parent representatives who will communicate directly with the parent body on behalf of the PTA. This is typically done via whatsapp groups, email or a dedicated year group Facebook page. Please check with your class teacher or the PTA to find out who your Parent Rep is and how you can be added to these groups.


PTA Committee Members

Emilia Brugognone Chair
Katie Badcock Vice Chair 
Owen Treasurer
Carly Moriaty Uniform
Gavin Wright

DJ Goldie and Committee Member

Sophie Murphy Teacher Liaison 
Naomi Haughey Committee Member
Lauren Sinclair Committee Member
Tessa Emery Committee Member

Angela Brylowska

Committee Member
Annabelle Eden Committee Member
Roberta Starling Committee Member
Sophia Shaw-Brown Committee Member
Tally Richford Committee Member


PTA Upcoming Events


PTA Meetings


We hold regular informal PTA meetings as and when required, but our official PTA meetings take place once a term in the school teaching classroom or school hall, depending on availability and number of participants. Please look out for emails, whatsapp messages and Facebook posts informing you of the next meeting.


PTA Funds Raised


Totals to the nearest £


Spirit of Christmas 2020 £5745
Tea towels at Christmas 2020 £339
Tote bags at Christmas 2020 £566
Christmas cards 2020 £481
Second hand uniform sales £480
Year to date total £7,611


Firework ticket sales £418
Winter cake sale £244
Spring cake sale £139
Christmas cards £429
Christmas Fair 2019 £5976
Spring disco £1187
Autumn Film Night £534
Quiz night £1262
Tote bags £223
Second hand uniform sales £202
Winter warmers £136
2020 Challenge £410
Year total 2019/20 £11,160


PTA Money Spent

This is how we have used the funds raised so far in 2019 - 2021


Yr R and Yr 1 outdoor equipment £1334
Artpads for each class £1820
Car parking signage £405

Resurfacing the area around the

climbing wall

Snow machine for carol singing £222
Class Father Christmas gifts £405
Leavers hoodies (annual) £1290
Class celebration for missed birthdays in lockdown   £122
Summer Circus £2400
Year to date total £12,268


Ipads for each classroom                                                 £2565
PTA noticeboard £221
Sports team uniforms £744
Class Father Christmas gifts £603
Leavers party and hoodies (annual) £1329
Hardship fund £200
Groundforce day and bulb planting £205
Gazebos for outdoor events £290
High visibility jackets for parking £83
Total funded items 2019/20 £6,240