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Special Education Needs

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How to work with a SENDCo.

Our schools in the UK are required to have a Special Education Needs & Disabilities Co-Ordinator (a SENDCo) as part of their duty of care for children. Each family has a different set of challenges but to alleviate some mystery around SENDCos…

Mrs Woolley (our SENDCo) has vast experience working with children and her role is very much about making sure our children flourish rather than just survive school. Asking for help… or being told our child may need help can feel uncomfortable but here at St Polycarp’s it is always about the child coming first.

If teachers, parents and support staff all work as a team we are far more likely to pick up and act on the challenges our children face in a physical sense and the problems not always evident on the surface, like learning difficulties or emotional distress. Our goal is to remove these barriers to learning and give our children a voice. This is always done sensitively.

At a glance, the process looks like this.
You can find out more here and here but it is great to talk with us directly.

Asked for one-word on it, Mrs Woolley said… EMPATHY

Pastoral Health Care Team