St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School

St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School St Polycarp’s Catholic Primary School

CPD Events

The staff at St Polycarp's Teaching school are working remotely due to the government's restrictions on schools due to COVID-19. Most of this year's CPD events have been suspended, however we are delighted to bring you a very special remote event: 

** SAVE THE DATE ** Monday 7th June - Chris Quigley will be presenting a special session on 'Designing the Curriculum', a virtual event where we will have the chance to review our curriculum design within our schools, which could not be more well-timed in the current environment. More details will be provided soon, but in the meantime, if you have any queries regarding CPD events please contact Catherine Easton or for any other queries regarding the Teaching School contact Charlotte Carr 

School to School Support

School to School Support is one of the key components of the Teaching School initiative. As a Teaching School Alliance we work with many other schools to support specific areas and help with any aspect of school development or improvement. We truly believe that every school can learn from one another for the benefit of all of our children.

As part of that support network, we promote leadership across schools through our Specialist Leaders of Education development programme. You can share your teachers’ expertise and help us to support other schools across a range of specialisms.

If you would like to put forward teachers from your school who have the right qualities and experience to become an SLE, please contact St Polycarp's CTSA by email