St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School

St Polycarp's Catholic Primary School St Polycarp’s Catholic Primary School

Maths Hub

At St Polycarp’s we have been developing our maths teaching and planning, embracing the ‘Mastery’ approach. We have a maths team: 
  Miss De Jouvencel is responsible for maths in Foundation Stage, 
  Mrs Thomas is responsible for maths in Key Stage One and 
  Mrs Dwyer is responsible for maths in Key Stage Two.

The maths team take part in research projects and work closely with the Maths Hub, Farnham Confederation as well as other cluster school. All work is fully supported by Surrey Plus Maths Hub, which is based at St John the Baptist Catholic Comprehensive School in Woking.

There are a network of Maths Hubs throughout the country and they are affiliated to the National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Maths (NCETM).

Early Years Foundation Stage Hub

The development of our dedicated Early Years Hub reflects our vast experience and expertise in this specialist area of teaching practice. Our approach to Early Years teaching continuously evolves, as we change and develop to provide the best methods for the benefit of the children.

The theme for the academic year is Maths Mastery based on developing the White Rose Maths materials. We’ve had a fantastic response to our EYFS hub since it launched and we were delighted to welcome representatives from several new schools to the last meeting at the end of November. Everyone’s positive input and ideas were invaluable and will really help to move the group forward.